Our Physiotherapy Department is one of the most popular centre in Delhi. Under the assistance of Dr. Asif Naqvi (Consultant Sports Injury & Sports Medicine) and Dr. Bharti Bhandari (Senior Physiotherapist). We have successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from Musculo Skeleton Disorder like osteo–Arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, cervical & lumber Spondylitis ,PIVD (Slipdisc) Frozen Shoulder, Post Operative rehab and several Neurological disorders Like Hemiplegia, Paraplegia Stroke, Neuropathy and many more Neuro & Ortho Conditions.

Our Strength is our Professional Approach, Personal Attention, Team Discussion & Counseling.

In Clinic we treat their ailments with advanced physiotherapy equipment. We make individual exercise Programs for the patients.

We make a constant effort to improve our services and facilities by updating our professional knowledge & skills and upgrade our clinic with modern equipment.

We always appreciate your suggestions and feedback that are seriously taken by the clinic's management.

Our motive is to provide you a healthy, friendly, neat and clean atmosphere in the clinic.

In 2011 Clinic has started its pediatric orthopedic Section under the guidance of Dr. Sanjay Sarup one of the few pediatric orthopedic surgeons in india.

Dr.Sanjay Sarup (M.s Ortho, FRCS U.K) a senior pediatric orthopedic surgeon Artimis Hospital Gurgaon and senior consultant in Blessings Clinic. In this section we treat the infant to adolescent for their congenital deformities like C.T.E.V , Genu Valgum, Varum Coxa Vera, Rickets and many other deficiencies and disorders.

Last year clinic added one more feather in its cap with Neuro-section under the guidance of Dr. P.K Sachdeva, a well know Neuro-surgeon and Gama Knife Surgeon. Our Neuro-section has facility to treat a patient suffering with neurological conditions like paralysis and spinal injuries. Our rehabilitation team work hard to treat such conditions with patience and dedication. We setup short and long team goal for the patient and with positive approach work hard to achieve them.